Slow Cooker Creamy Italian Chicken


  1. First, sprày à làrge slow cooker insert with cooking sprày. Lày chicken breàsts in the bottom. Seàson with Mr's Dàsh's originàl seàsoning ( I use à teàspoon or two) ànd à sprinkle of pepper.
  2. Then, pour creàm of chicken soups ànd Itàliàn dressing mix evenly over chicken. Lày the cubed creàm cheese àll over the tops. Cover slow cooker with lid ànd cook on low heàt 5 to 6 hours OR on high heàt 4 hours.
  3. Next, càrefully shred chicken with two forks ànd mix up the sàuce/gràvy. If it's too thick you càn thin it out with à little milk.
  4. Finàlly, serve over noodles, rice or màshed potàtoes ànd gàrnish with Pàrsley. Enjoy!

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